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Donate for Dollars! Donation Tracking Sheet Date: Name: Donated to: Donating can mean tax deduction dollars for you, and it also puts dollars back into your community while keeping usable items out
June 17, 2015
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Hello i'm ali yamin the stability manager for Goodwill and any first of all thank you for donating the goodwill when you do make a donation there may be an option to write these off and reduce your taxes when you make your donation you'll receive a slip that looks like this and it will be blank the only thing you want to make sure is to fill out the dates on it what you donated and also the amount for the donation you can find out what the fair market value of your item was by going to Goodwill and any dog work now it may sound complicated to put these on your taxes but actually it's pretty easy and it makes most sense for folks that have a mortgage or folks that had a lot of out-of-pocket medical expenses or a large amount of donations so as I said it's it's actually quite easy to do normally you'd fill out your taxes and the difference would be you want to itemize them rather than taking the standard deduction what you'll do is select that you want to do is the itemized deduction and you'll link over to a Schedule A that will allow you to put in all of your out-of-pocket medical expenses any taxes you paid related to your home mortgage interest and any donations that you've made for donations that were items you want to go and link to the non-cash charitable contributions and there you'll be able to put in the items that you donated when they were donated and how much they were worth so it's really not that hard if you are living in southern Maine we do run a couple cash tax sites which are volunteer operated and are free to the public you could contact us if you're interested in having your taxes prepared there if you're not in southern Maine there are by the tax sites scattered all throughout the Northeast and the rest of the country and those would allow you to also have your taxes prepared for free a quick google search for a Vita tax site or an AARP tax site would allow you to find the and finally if you want to prepare your taxes yourself online you could go to my free taxes comm and that's another free option there are income guidelines but it's worth checking out and thank you again for donating a goodwill